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LKING-DRESS. LADY IN WINTER WALKING-DRESS. "In China and some other countries it is not considered necessary to give the girls any education; but in Japan it is not so. The girls are educated here, though not so much as the boys; and of late years they have established schools whe

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re they receive what we call the higher branches of instruction. Every year new schools for girls are opened; and a great many of the Japanese who formerly would not be seen in


public with their wives have adopted the Western idea, and bring their wives into society. The marriage laws have been arranged so as to allow the different classes to marry a


mong[Pg 258] each other, and the government is doing all it can to improve the condition of the women. They were better off before than the women of any other Eastern country;

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and if things go on as they are now going, they will be still better in a few years. The world moves. "A gentleman who ha

s given much attention to this subject says that of the one hundred and twenty rulers of Japan, nine have been women; and that the chief divinity in their mythology

is a woman—the goddess Kuanon. A large part of the literature of Japan is devoted to the

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praise of woman; her fidelity, love, piety, and devotion form the groundwork of many a romance which has become famous thro

ughout the country, and popular with all classes of readers. The history of Japan abounds in stories of the heroism of women in the various characters of patriot, r

ebel, and martyr; and I am told that a comparison of the standing of women in all the coun

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of the East, both in the past and in the present, would unquestionably place Japan at the head. "I suppose you will want to know something about the way the Japanese women d

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ress. I'll try to tell you; but if I make any mistakes, you must remember that I have not had much practice in describing ladies' apparel. "They don't wear any crinoline, su

ch as the ladies do in America; and their clothes fit very tight around th

em when compared to what we see in New York—that is

, I mean, they are tight in the skirts, though